Kristy Edmunds Named First Recipient of United States Artists’ Berresford Prize -ARTnews

Kristy Edmunds.


The Chicago-based arts organization United States Artists has created a new annual award, the Berresford Prize, which recognizes individuals whose careers are dedicated to the betterment of artists’ livelihood and comes with $25,000. The award’s inaugural recipient is Kristy Edmunds, the executive and artistic director of UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance.

“I was astonished in every sense of the word to learn that I was being named the inaugural Berresford Prize awardee and continue to be,” Edmunds said in a statement. The prize, which takes its name from the cofounder of United States Artists, Susan V. Berresford, “was initiated by artists and named after a woman who is held in such high esteem makes the honor a truly staggering one,” she continued.

Berresford said in a statement, “At USA, we champion all those who root for artists and are delighted to be able to provide this much-needed support and recognition. We are proud to name Kristy Edmunds the inaugural recipient and appreciate all that she’s done for artists across the country.”

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