K. Michelle Talks Struggles with Butt Injections on ‘Uncensored’

Singer K. Michelle will appear on an upcoming episode of TV One’s autobiographical series, UNCENSORED, to talk about following her dreams through hardships such as complications from butt injections.

In an exclusive clip obtained by EBONY.com, the Memphis native talked about how costly of a mistake it was to get the silicone butt fillers.

“No one knows why this girl can’t walk and why her immune system is weak,” K. Michelle said. “We did an MRI and saw that my whole buttocks area and hips were black. All you saw was darkness from the top of the butt to the side and it was from the silicone injections.”

In January, the “Hard to Do” singer had her injections removed, which led to a host of other complications including emergency blood transfusions. She did it with the hopes of bettering her health and opening up the possibility of having more children.

“I did not know how difficult this journey was going to be. I would give anything to go back to Kimberly,” the singer said.

K. Michelle’s episode of UNCENSORED airs Oct. 14 at 10 p.m. EST.

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