If anyone tells you the kids aren’t the best part of late night right now, they’re lying through their teeth.

Speaking of teeth, Jimmy Fallon’s daughter Winnie, 6, has one fewer right now, as she excitedly announced while crashing her dad’s interview with Russell Wilson and Ciara on Tuesday.

Wilson and Ciara were talking about the steps they’ve taken to help with coronavirus relief, which are commendable and include donating millions of meals and masks, when Winnie burst into the room with her big news.

“Daddy, I lost my tooth!” Winnie excitedly shares off camera.

Rather than saying something like, “Hey, I’m kind of busy right now,” Fallon seemed equally excited, putting a brief pause on the interview to let Winnie explain her big announcement. 

“Wait, this is big news guys, just tell them what happened,” Fallon said.

Wilson and Ciara were into the news, too, with Ciara sharing a story about when their son, Future, lost his tooth. 

Here’s hoping the Tooth Fairy came to visit, Winnie. Tooth be told, we need more stories like this.

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