As “The Big Bang Theory” wrapped its 12-season sitcom reign, cast member Jim Parsons said Tuesday that he pondered other creative outlets “because acting jobs are not guaranteed.” (See the video above.)

He tried painting with watercolors, but gravitated toward acrylics because there were classes available.

“I’m not good at it and sometimes I don’t even like doing it because I want to be better than I am,” the sheltering in place star told Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In a virtual show and tell, Parsons first offered up a still life of vases. But it was his second work, rendered from an iPhone photo he took while day-drinking, that provided more intrigue.

Parsons called it a “sloppy angle of my friend’s behind. But I liked the angles of it.”

The “Hollywood” actor noted it was a painting in progress. His husband told him he needed to improve the sidewalk.

And what do you art critics think? (Fast forward to 2:45 above for the art segment.)

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