Jim Jones says being a rapper is more dangerous than being a soldier, Iraq War vet disagrees

Jim Jones

Rapper Jim Jones thinks being a rapper is “one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet” – even more dangerous than being a soldier.

The Dipset MC recently made the comment and it upset one Iraq war veteran who responded back that there’s no “truth” to the argument.

“Heard the comments you made about ‘being a rapper is harder than fighting a war in Iraq…’ You allowed to have your opinion without any facts nor truth to it, but as a Vet and hip hop fan, I found it extremely disrespectful and ignorant,” the vet who goes by the Instagram handle @mramcore told Jones on Instagram. “Here’s some facts, my unit which fought in Iraq 2004 lost more Marines in two months than ‘rappers’ in the past 3 years. Keep talking but there is zero comparison!”

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Jones fired back a response, arguing that the guys he grew up with are “either dead or in jail.”

“Here are facts,” Jones wrote back. “Every nigha I grew up wit is either dead or in jail, so u wanna compare death tolls it won’t add up.” He went on to state that a soldier shoots at innocent bystanders but he grew up with “kids shootin at kids” and said many rappers never lost that mental framework. “That mentality split over to success.”

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“Remember u knew who ur enemies were. we don’t and everybody knows who we are because of our notoriety. so how u protect urself from enemies u can’ see. We all wear the same uniform. Everyone is drippy. But y’all had American uniforms on and the enemy had their uniform on. You had the choice of goin to war. We didn’t. We was at war when we was born. Let the church say,” Jones added.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame weighed in on the debate and took issue with the premise of Jones’ argument.

“Hip hop ain’t dangerous, bro. This sh*t making more money outta any genre in the world. Hip hop is beautiful, bro. To be a gangbanging rapper is f*ckin’ dangerous. To be a drug-dealing rapper is dangerous. Anything that’s negative is dangerous, idiotics,” Waka Flocka Flame said.

Ya heard?

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