“It is like an apocalypse,” eyewitness says of Beirut explosion aftermath 

Senior Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports fro CNN’s damaged Beirut bureau on Tuesday. CNN

Standing in the wreckage of CNN’s Beirut bureau, senior correspondent Ben Wedeman surveyed the damage from a massive blast.

He said the explosion “blew out windows in this room, in the room next to us, our front glass doors,” as well as the windows of neighbors in the building.

Wedeman said he had spoken to eyewitnesses living even closer to the port, where the explosion took place, who described a “scene of total destruction.”

“The hospitals are overwhelmed at this point with the wounded, [and are] calling people to donate blood,” he added.

Wedeman said he had been through wars in Lebanon, but had never felt anything “along the lines of this explosion,” he said.

The cause of the blast remains unclear.

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