How Coronavirus Is Disrupting the Supply Chain of This Black-Owned Business

Like most good businesses, Loza Tam was created to meet a need. Founder Tomara Watkins started the business, which sells head wraps, turbans, and headbands, back in 2016 to solve her own hair issues.

“I was in a Bikram yoga class, and I have a big kinky curly fro. I had on one of those little headbands that has the little silicone strip in it. And as I was doing a downward dog, my hair was also doing a downward dog,” Watkins says. “It’s like 100 degrees in there; the last thing you want is for your hair to be in your face.”

She searched the aisles of her local stores and tried unsuccessfully to find something on the internet. “I wanted something that was going to hold my hair back, but also not rip it out, and I just didn’t find anything that I trusted to invest my money in or for my hair.”

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By Alisha Gumbs, Black Enterprise
Featured Image, Tomara Watkins, founder of Loza Tam
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