How An Innovative Gym Is Changing Lives In This Poor Minneapolis Neighborhood | HuffPost

Like any gym, there are weights and machines, and an impressive number of metal frames made to jump on, if you’re brave enough to risk your shin bones. But then you notice the kids and their parents — and they are working.

Springing from one orange cone to another, crab-walking across the large space with resistance bands around their thighs, jumping up on blocks, flipping tractor tires — there’s some serious cross-training action going on all over the space as kids ranging from middle schoolers to teens sprint side by side. Their parents sometimes jump in, or form a clutch of adults on the other side of the large room, as trainers direct them all and keep the energy high.

Just down the hall, there’s a cooking class focusing on healthy foods in a fully outfitted kitchen. A dietician is talking about quinoa, kale, chia seeds and other less-than-familiar options, but also makes a chart of favorite selections like yogurt and bananas — and showcases how everything can fit into a budget.

In one-on-one sessions in smaller rooms, there are coaches talking about self-esteem, confidence and goals in a way that keeps listeners riveted.

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