FUNNY VIDEO: Watch Michelle Obama play “Things I couldn’t say in the White House” with Jimmy Kimmel

(Jimmy Kimmel)

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with first lady Michelle Obama in a funny segment encouraging her to open up about things she couldn’t say while in the White House. Obama was promoting her new memoir Becoming and sounded off about hilarious things she wishes she could have said while serving a FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama looks becoming on the cover of Essence magazine

“You picked a great night to show up,” Kimmel told his studio audience on Thursday night

“You remember Mrs. Obama? From when we had a United States?” Kimmel asked.

“Our former First Lady is here to share stories from her new autobiography, Becoming. As in, ‘What the hell is this country Becoming?’”

Here are some other comical comments Obama made:

Obama: “I’ve never eaten a vegetable.”

Kimmel: “I knew it, I knew it.”

O: “The whole eight years we were in the White House, we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password.”

K: “Really? Wow, it’s a revelation.”

O: “Laura, sorry, send me the bill.”

O: “I’m not sure which one’s Sasha and which one’s Malia.”

O: “You know, they agree. They get so mad every time I mess their names up.”

K: “Alright, couple more, these are important.”

O: “I stole the phrase ‘when they go low, we go high’ from the back of a Snapple Cap.”

O: “Barry! Be quiet and hold my purse.”

K: “And your final outrageous statement to make now that you’re no longer first lady…”

O: “Clooney is my freebie.”

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Obama Covers Essence

Michelle Obama is looking absolutely gorgeous, styled in a white suit giving us serious Olivia Pope vibes, as the icon handles her business and graces the December/January cover of Essence magazine.

The beloved former first lady opens up about her reign in the White House with her husband Barack Obama and how the two survived his challenging two terms while keeping their marriage intact and their daughters grounded.

She is just living her best life right now!

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