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unrest this morning. The wanted manho was the subject of a nationde hunt tracked down in Ohio. Abs stephaniramos is I waington with the dric kedown of the ar Stephanie, good morning Reporter: Hey, good morning authoriere tipped off SHAWN Richard Christy whereabouts when a car hestole in penshowed up on the sof the rain Ohio. Officers from multiple agencies combnd even hather made public plea to S son to tn elf in. But it wasn’t until Friday afoon when CIN pick up on Christy’s scent near a ravine and captured him. The U.S.S say Christy have a Gunn when he was captured. Stephanie, Christy has been on T from police for months, right? Eporter: Yh, absoluty. Police have actually en searching for Christy since June when a federal warrant was issued forisfor threeng to kill esident trump and a district attorney in pennsylvania.according to court dents, Christy in a Facebook post wrote a message to the dis atrney saying, kit up, rganelli, promise I’ll put a bullet in your head as soon in the headof Donald j.rump. Now, Christy will head to federal court in Ohio on Monday. R to you G All right, Stephanie Ramos in Washington for us, thank you. Stephanie, thed umping a fence and trying to

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