Former Pittsburgh Pirates First Baseman Owns the Third Largest Black-Owned Car Dealership | Black Enterprise

As leader at a top black-owned car dealership for the past decade or so, Dorian Boyland is not your ordinary auto dealer. Most dealerships are judged by how many vehicles they sell or how much revenue they produce.

The Boyland Auto Group CEO, however, judges himself based on how much profit he can generate from each sale. During his 34 years in business, Boyland has owned and operated 22 dealerships in six states before selling several dealerships and making preparations for retirement.The former first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates currently scores with six dealerships in Oregon, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Boyland runs his Orlando, Florida-based auto group solely on analytics and data reports. In fact, he received a doctorate degree this year from his alma mater, The University of Wisconsin, making him one of a few auto dealers nationally to earn that distinction. Boyland’s essential metric has always been that his dealerships realize a minimum net profit of 4% as a percentage of sales annually. Boyland has achieved that by making profitability and cost efficiency his top focus.

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