ESPN Ranked No. 1 for Perceived Value and Being a “Must Have” and Favorite Channel in Annual Beta Cable Subscriber Study

In Beta Research Corp’s annual Cable Subscriber Study, cable and telco TV, ESPN ranked first in perceived value by adults and network viewers.

ESPN also ranked first (or tied for first) on percent of adults and viewers rating the network as a 5 on a 5-point “must have” network scale (where 5 means “it’s a must have channel on your channel line-up” and 1 means “it’s a channel not at all needed on your channel line-up”).

In addition, ESPN received the most (or tied for the most) amount of mentions as a top five favorite basic network among adults and viewers. Among viewers, ESPN has ranked first, tied for first or statistically tied for first 14 years in a row from 2006 to 2019.

Other networks from ESPN and Walt Disney Television that received top marks include:

  • ESPN2 statistically tied for first on being a “must have” channel among viewers (one to two points below ESPN).
  • National Geographic ranked No. 1 on viewer satisfaction and program quality.
  • FX was No. 1 among Adults 18-49 and 25-54 on average perceived value, being a “must have” channel, importance to enjoyment of cable and viewer satisfaction.
  • Disney Channel ranked No. 1 on average perceived value, importance to enjoyment of cable, and being a “must have” channel among adults with children.

Results from the June 2019 Beta Cable Subscriber Study were generated from an online survey across a national sample of 1,400 cable TV and telco TV subscribers. The purpose of the study was to determine viewer satisfaction of basic cable networks, their importance to enjoyment of cable, their perceived value, their evaluation on being a “must have” channel the favorite basic networks, program quality of basic networks and sampling of basic networks (percent viewing past 12 months).


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