Don Lemon Points Out The Only Question That Matters In Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The “CNN Tonight” host previewed the upcoming public impeachment hearings by cautioning how Trump’s allies will likely attempt to twist developments “all in an effort to keep you from zeroing in on the one thing that really matters.”

“The one question that matters is this, did the president abuse his power? And is it worthy of impeachment? Or removal from office? That is the substance. Keep your focus on the substance,” said Lemon. “Everything else is a distraction.”

“Don’t follow red herrings like the president demanding to out the whistleblower,” he continued, later adding “it doesn’t matter who the whistleblower is. We’ve moved way beyond that.”

Lemon said what really matters “is the substance of the complaint and whether it matches the testimony of witness after witness after witness after witness. It does.”

“Don’t follow the red herrings,” he concluded. “Don’t chase the shiny object. Don’t fall for the okey-doke. Don’t be distracted. Focus on the substance, on the facts.”

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