Deborah Claxton – Storm Clouds

September 23, 2018

Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

The change of seasons has unquestionably inspired artists to create some of the most memorable works in art history. Autumn, for instance, is quite impressionable because of the myriad of colors it brings; the nature becomes magically transformed by a powerful interplay of orange, red, yellow and brown, and it evokes certain feelings of tenderness, nostalgia and romance. On the other hand, autumn can remind us of rain and thunders meaning unrest, melancholy and boredom.

This ambiguity related to this season seem to be of artists’ constant interest, so we prepared the list of ten exquisite art works inspired by autumn which you can add to you collection right now.

Featured image: Deborah Claxton – Storm Clouds, 2003. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

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