Suspect bursts into flames after French cops simultaneously taser & tear-gas him (DISTURBING)

DISTURBING VIDEO Bodycam footage of an altercation between an already injured man and French police.

Presidential visit opens investment gate

President Obama’s visit to Moscow has given the business community hope of better trade ties,.

‘Zapad 2017’: Western officials call Russia-Belarus drills ‘invasion’

Joint military drills between Russia and Belarus are well underway. Some Western officials have expressed.

UN marked Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter used in E. Ukraine crackdown

The UN has voiced concerns over the apparent use of UN-marked helicopters by Kiev troops.

'Hang the whites' music video has French rapper under investigation, is he after publicity?

READ MORE: A young French rapper has made it into the headlines with a.

‘I'd rather sacrifice my life’: Yazidi women taking revenge on ISIS

Yazidi women who have to put up with numerous atrocities from Islamic State are hitting.

'Christian patrols' in London's Muslim areas: Help or troublemakers?

It’s not just the police out on patrol in London these days. There are Jewish.

Wozniak: Danger that Internet becomes tool for govt control & surveillance

Four decades ago, he almost single-handedly kickstarted the PC revolution, co-founding one of the world’s.

Chernobyl drone video: Rare haunting footage of Pripyat exclusion zone

A rarely-seen view of the haunting ruins left by the Chernobyl disaster, have been captured.

Syrian pro-govt forces to help Kurds defend Afrin against Turkey – reports

Syrian pro-government forces are expected to help Kurdish militias defend the city of Afrin. It.