Anyone up for some 3D-printed vegan 'beefsteaks'?

A Spanish startup is aiming to bring 3D-printed plant-based ‘beefsteaks’ to a supermarket near you.

New Russian armored vehicle ‘drone’ prototype in town

Courtesy: Check out the latest remote controlled armored vehicle prototype being developed in Russia!.

Tornado aftermath in Alabama: Houses destroyed into debris as at least 23 dead, 'dozens' missing

An aerial view from Lee County, Alabama, showed some of the destruction from the deadly.

Lavrov meets Syria's opposition negotiator to tackle reconciliation

The Russian Foreign Minister is in Saudi Arabia, where he has just met with the.

‘I broke women’s record & you’ve no proof I didn’t identify as such’ – Rapper on trans sport issue

A male British rapper claims to have broken the women’s weightlifting record while identifying as.

‘Whites should serve Blacks’: Controversial statements by South African party leader spark DEBATE

A National Action Plan against racism has been approved in South Africa. More than 500.

India-Pakistan conflict: 'Stakes are very high'

RT talks to journalist and politcal commentator Arnab Neil Sengupta on the latest tenstions between.

Russian Foreign Ministry news briefing (streamed live)

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, is giving her weekly news briefing in Moscow..

Slavoj Zizek on #MeToo movement. How to Watch the News, episode 02

In the second episode of the mini-series with Slavoj Zizek, the slovenian philosopher dissects the.

Slavoj Zizek on Yellow Vests. How to Watch the News, Episode 01

Slavoj Zizek, a slovenian superstar intellectual, is back on screen. We launch a mini series.