Putin meets Assad in Sochi, Russia

DETAILS: https://on.rt.com/95i8 The two leaders conducted ‘extensive’ negotiations during Assad’s visit to Russia – acting.

Ron Paul: Economic progress under Trump is illusion, crash coming

With his first year in office drawing to a close, the US president has been.

Welcome to Haven: Snowden launches spy-blocking smartphone app

A new app developed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden promises to harness the surveillance power.

‘I might become a combine driver’ – Putin

Visiting a Russian agriculture equipment factory, President Vladimir Putin said he may have found a.

CrossTalk on US Foreign Policy: Aggressive Posture

Does American foreign policy possess a specific DNA? It would seem so. It doesn’t matter.

Keiser Report: Fox News Boo Fail (E124)

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about China regulating reincarnation and the.

CSTO news conference (Part 2)

The members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization – Russia and six neighbouring states have.

Out of control: No way to stop adoption & acceptance of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has had a rollercoaster ride in the past week, hitting a record 20.

‘Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama’ – John Pilger

Russia-UK relations plunge amid row over the poisoning of a former spy. Award-winning journalist John.

US pushes for denuclearization of N. Korea, but itself heads in the opposite direction

The U.S. National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has said the summit between North Korea’s Kim.