Wait, Jared Kushner is the coronavirus guru now?

“Today you’re going hear from Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the President of the United.

No surgical or N95 mask? Wear DIY face cover during coronavirus outbreak: CDC

The CDC states that cloth face masks can be made from common household items. April.

Acosta to Trump: Who dropped the ball on pandemic preparation?

CNN’s Jim Acosta asks President Donald Trump who in his administration dropped the ball on.

Daughter, grandson of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, RFK’s daughter, presumed dead in canoe accident

The Kennedy family has a history of tragic deaths. April 4, 2020, 5:12 PM 6.

Supplies could be delayed due to confusion from the White House, companies say

The administration has pledged to help make up for supply shortages nationwide, but has resisted.

Experts warn about big dollar fraud in $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package

The U.S. government’s historic $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid relief package recently approved by Congress is.

Jane Castor: When coronavirus hit her city, this mayor didn’t wait for Florida’s governor to sound the alarm

When there’s a hurricane, the rest of the country comes to their rescue. Not now..

South Dakota lawmaker dies of coronavirus

A South Dakota lawmaker who contracted the coronavirus along with several other family members has.

Why these 8 Republican governors are holding out on statewide stay-at-home orders

Absent a nationwide order, which President Donald Trump once again on Friday declined to give,.

Hobby Lobby closes its stores after defying coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Some stores were still open despite being deemed nonessential. April 4, 2020, 3:46 PM 3.