Out Loud Two by Don Stephens – October Gallery

Price: $345   NOW  $145Out Loud Twoby Don StephensOriginal Acrylic on Canvas Size 16″ x 20″ Approx Donald Stephens.

Hands Down Three by Laurie Cooper – October Gallery

Price:  $1,250    NOW $325Hands Down Threeby Laurie CooperOriginal Pastel on PaperSize 20″ x 24″ Approx.

Essence by Frank Morrison – October Gallery

Price:  $235   NOW $175Essenceby Frank MorrisonLimited Signed and NumberedOffset Lithograph / Edition 500Size 35″ x 17″Approx Born.

The Mother Board by Annie Lee – October Gallery

Price:  $65The Mother Boardby Annie LeeOpen Edition PrintSize 25″ x 14″ Approx Annie Lee was.

Market Square I by Peter Lynn – October Gallery

Price:   $95     NOW $69Market Square I by Peter LynnOpen Edition Signed by the ArtistSize 18″ x.

NO COLORED by Frank Frazier – October Gallery

Price: $4,250    NOW $1,950NO COLOREDby Frank FrazierOriginalShoe Polish on PaperSize 40″ x 26″  Approx Frank Frazier.

Velvet Spirit by Bernard Hoyes – October Gallery

Price: $150       NOW   $99Velvet Spiritby Bernard HoyesLimited edition signed and numberedSigned ed. 999Size: 17″.

Dream Keeper by Frank Morrison – October Gallery

Price: $235     NOW $185Dream Keeperby Frank MorrisonLimited Edition Signed and NumberedOffset Lithograph / Edition 500Size.

Saturday Night by Gigi Boldon – October Gallery

Price: $295   NOW $199Saturday Nightby Gigi Bold0nLimited Edition Signed and NumberedSerigraph Edition 375Size 23 1/2 ” x.

monday – October Gallery

Monday Madness is NOW!!!Monday & Tuesday July 23  7 AM to July 24  7 PM.