Visiting a maternity ward in conflict-torn Central African Republic

In a 360 video experience, discover how aid workers are struggling to provide healthcare to.

First group of Afghans deported from Germany under new deal

The first Afghans to be deported from Germany under an agreement between the two countries.

Anti-tourist demos spread from Barcelona to Mallorca

Barcelona attracts millions of holidaymakers each year for its sun-soaked beach front and bustling nightlife,.

Homeless Spanish man given free makeover

What are the top stories today? Click to watch: euronews: the most watched news.

Myanmar Catholics prepare for Pope Francis visit

Pope Francis is due to visit Myanmar amid international concerns over the plight of Rohingya.

Thousands in Britain left without water after pipes burst in big freeze

Around 12000 homes have been left with no running water after the weekend’s sudden freeze.

USS Carl Vinson arrives in Vietnam

The USS Carl Vinson could be seen on Monday morning from the cliff tops just.

#AskJuncker : President Juncker answers Kovy’s question on refugees, EU and Turkey

Youtuber Kovy asks about refugees and the EU-Turkey relations. Send us your question to the.

‘Reverse apartheid’: South Africa’s white slums

Coronation Park is a squatter camp with a majority white population in Krugersdorp, South Africa..

No Comments of the week

We look back at some of the top videos from this week’s No Comment section.….