Four western cyclists killed in Tajikistan hit-and-run

A hit-and-run driver killed four foreign cyclists in Tajikistan in what may have been a.

Russian fighter jets target Syrian insurgents

Russian warplanes have carried out more bombings of rebel positions in Syria for a second.

Plane aborts bumpy landing in Austria storm

Amateur footage captured the moment a passenger plane attempted to land in stormy weather at.

Severe rain contributed to crane collapse in Mecca, say Saudi officials

The Saudi Civil Defence agency says severe rain contributed to the collapse of a crane.

Anti-immigration protests in Rome

Demonstrators gathered in Rome on Saturday morning to protest against Mayor Ignazio Marino. Around 1000.

Dramatic gas station dispute: Woman sets petrol pump on fire, Israel

Israeli police arrested a woman suspected of setting a pump on fire on Tuesday (April.

Video: Chaos, multiple car crashes on icy highway in Colorado

Courtesy: Anthony Salazar An icy stretch of Colorado highway caught several drivers off guard on.

Surfer fights off great white shark mid-competition

Australia’s triple surf champion Mick Fanning walked away shaken but uninjured after having a close-encounter.

French and British fishing boats clash in fight over scallops

French and British fishing boats clash in fight over scallops… READ MORE … source

Croatian war criminal Slobodan Praljak dies after taking poison in court – Croatian state TV

The UN tribunal in The Hague suspended proceedings when the ex Croatian general collapsed after.