DRC: Reactions trail arrest of Vital Kamerhe [Morning Call]

A major arrest of a top aide in the Democratic republic of Congo DRC. Vital.

Cyclone Calvinia hits Mauritius [Morning Call]

Mauritius closed its only airport at midday on Monday and the Indian Ocean island nation’s.

Anti-France, MINUSMA rally held in Bamako, Mali

About 1000 protesters demonstrated against foreign troops in Bamako, Mali on Saturday. These demonstrators are.

Between hope & anguish: Senegalese male nurse at the frontline of COVID-19

He is one of the many heroes of the pandemic, working hard to avoid the.

Caution urged over Madagascar's herbal cure [Morning Call]

Earlier this week, some news of a herbal remedy for COVID-19 went around the continent.

South Africa: surfers protest against lockdown [Morning Call]

In South Africa, surfers are defending their right to play their sport during this period.

Protest clashes in Lebanon amid currency crash [No Comment]

Clashes broke out between protesters and security forces in northern Lebanon Monday amid a crash.

Zimbabwean woman feeds people starved by COVID-19

In some households, hunger is more devastating than the coronavirus. In Zimbabwe, in particular, containment.

Adama Barrow expected in Banjul today

Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow is expected to arrive in the country later today, to.

Rebels defeated in Northern Chad – Army

Chadian Defense Minister claims that the army “dislodged and cleared the enemy” in the northern.