Burundi police threaten opposition to constitution change

Police in Burundi have threatened to arrest anyone campaigning prematurely against a referendum to revise.

Ebola vaccination campaign begins in DRC

The Ebola vaccination campaign has begun in DRC, to combat the latest outbreak in the.

Zimbabwe police fire tear gas to disperse opposition supporters [No Comment]

Crowds made fires in the centre of the capital Harare, blocking some streets and engaging.

Congo-Cameroon fiber optic project, a medium for regional interconnectivity [Business Africa]

Fiber optic between Congo and Cameroon Interconnectivity between Central African countries including Cameroon and Congo.

Rwanda: End of parliamentary election campaign

Its the end of the campaign period for the legislative and local elections in Rwanda..

Mauritius: 1999 ‘Port Luis fire’ convicts freed [The Morning Call]

Four people sentenced to life in Mauritius over a deadly fire at the Amicale play.

China’s president visit to Africa, how important? [The Morning Call]

Chinese president Xi Jinping is on a four nation trip to Africa. This is Xi’s.

Yellow Relay, growing French Africa relations [Business Africa]

Africa has always been known to be behind on so many innovations that begin in.

Counting underway after Zimbabwe polls, turnout put at 75%

Counting began in Zimbabwe on Monday in the first election since the removal of former.

Malian opposition outraged after government represses demonstration [No Comment]

The opposition in Mali reacts after the repression of a demonstration, during which close to.