The Fight over Kenya’s ‘Abortion Bill’ Is Killing Young Women

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Coronavirus in Lagos: Enforcing lockdown in Africa's biggest city – BBC News

Africa’s most populated city has gone into lockdown. Lagos in Nigeria is the latest place.

Coronavirus in Spain: Spain reports one of the worst Coronavirus infection rates in Western Europe

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Witness describes 'scary' Jasper bus crash aftermath

Lauren Johnston was waiting for the next tour bus near the Columbia Icefield when she.

Singapore Tonight: News in brief Jul 17

News Briefs on Singapore Tonight, Jul 17: – Enforcement action taken against teens for vaping.

'Just give me cigarettes': South African survivor of 1918 flu 'soldiers on'

Most people his age have passed on but 116 year-old Fredie Blom of South African.

Inside the Sinaloa Cartel’s Fentanyl Smuggling Operations

VICE News gained access to a Sinaloa Cartel fentanyl-trafficking operation for a few days last.

Coronavirus crisis: China eases lockdown in Wuhan where the pandemic began – BBC News

The Chinese city of Wuhan where Covid-19 first emerged has allowed people to leave the.

Mauritian capital Port Louis rocked by heavy floods The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has been hit by severe floods. At least.

Canadian scientist has key role in mission of Mars rover Perseverance

Watching the launch of the Mars rover Perseverance, University of Alberta professor Chris Herd is.