The Bioprinting Revolution (Fact Trailer) VICE on HBO, Season 6

This is what it’s like to 3D print a human ear. See it this Friday.

Halala: The Men Who Sell Divorce – BBC News

An exclusive investigation by the Asian Network and Victoria Derbyshire Program has found online services.

Salvini returns to campaign trail

Italy’s new interior minister visits Sicily ahead of municipal elections… READ MORE : ….

State of emergency in Windsor

Mayors in Windsor and Tecumseh, Ont., declared a state of emergency for their communities after.

Trump-Kim summit: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un take stroll around Sentosa’s Capella Hotel

Speaking to media outside Sentosa’s Capella Hotel during their one-on-one walk without translators, US President.

Press Review of April 17, 2018 [The Morning Call]

We review the headlines of Africa’s top newspapers on The Morning Call.… READ MORE ….

The Investigators with Diana Swain – Covering the fight against ISIS

How do journalists who embed with one side of an armed conflict understand and report.

‘In six days I’ll lose my voice forever’ – BBC News

Lonnie’s tongue is about to be removed. What will he say to loved ones with.

Crude oil leak in Iowa after train from Alberta derails

Crude oil is leaking into flooded fields in Iowa after a train from Alberta derailed.

Trudeau answers English question in French because ‘we’re in Quebec’

At Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Sherbooke town hall, Judy Ross asked a question in English.