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Do African Americans really think the white man's ice is colder? Uncle Hotep chimes in

Do African Americans really think the white man’s ice is colder? Uncle Hotep chimes in.

Cape Fear Collective

Our community has a poverty problem. Many of our neighbors struggle to make a living.

MCM London Vegan Sweets Tasting 🤤

Have you ever tried some unusual vegan sweets? Come and watch my reaction trying some.

African American & African Facts 1-17

Here are some disturbing facts, some way out of proportion and should be addressed ASAP,.

911 Nightmare

Officer Chris McCullers was gravely injured in a shootout and now works on 911-dispatch. Resentful.

Economics E391: Automation Replacing Jobs,AI 5G Self-Driving Trucks, Retail Let's Chop It Up!

https://www.fastcompany.com/90414007/african-american-men-will-suffer-the-most-as-automation-destroys-jobs-once-held-by-humans … source

Pizza II: Villa

A struggling writer, tries to sell off a villa belonging to his dead father but.

VIRGO PART 2 DECEMBER 2019 "Someone has been waiting for the perfect moment to get to you"

tarot #livereadings #virgo PART 1 of this reading link is here VIRGO PART 1 DECEMBER.

PlantPure Nation

From the Producer and Writer of Forks Over Knives, the documentary film PlantPure Nation tells.