Mexico in ‘bad shape’ with coronavirus pandemic, WHO chief warns

The head of the World Health Organization said that “Mexico is in bad shape” with.

Coronavirus surge in Mississippi depletes ICU bed availability in state’s capital: official

A surge in cases and hospitalizations in Mississippi due to the novel coronavirus has depleted.

Some HIV patients with ‘powerful immune systems’ may naturally clear HIV infections: study

A small percentage of HIV patients may naturally reach a “functional cure,” isolating the virus into.

Blood thinners may increase coronavirus survival by 50%, decrease intubations 30%: Study

Anticoagulants may increase survival rates in coronavirus cases and decrease the need for intubations, according.

Mask-wearing employees at Starbucks in South Korea avoid coronavirus infection following outbreak: officials

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus at a Starbucks cafe in Paju, South Korea, infected.

Coronavirus survivors plagued by long-term ailments

The novel coronavirus isn’t done with its hosts when they walk out the hospital door..

Risks grow for special ed students as remote classes stretch into new school year

As more schools prepare to start the fall semester online, parents of special needs children.

Millions of teens want to quit vaping, study finds

It may be tougher to quit vaping than many young people expect when they first.

New tumor gene test can help predict survival for advanced ovarian cancers: study

A new tumor gene test may better predict survival for advanced ovarian cancers, a study.

Risk of coronavirus-related death is higher in obese men and young people, study shows

The risk of dying from coronavirus has been linked to obesity in men and younger.