Smokers have higher risk for multiple strokes

(Reuters Health) – Smokers who have a stroke are much more likely to have another.

Mom contracts sepsis from medical swab left inside her after giving birth

Paige Balding, 20,with son Hunter Jae just after giving birth. (SWNS) A British mom has.

Too much screen time tied to school problems even in little kids

(Reuters Health) – Kindergarteners who get more than two hours of screen time a day.

Teen diagnosed with early menopause says she won’t ever ‘come to terms’ with devastating diagnosis

A teenager going through early menopause at age 15 is finding support with a group.

Missouri follows Alabama by passing restrictive abortion bill

(Reuters) – Missouri lawmakers passed a bill on Friday that prohibits women from seeking an.

Virginia VA hospital evacuated for ‘unknown chemical odor’ that turns out to be urine sample

A building at a veterans hospital in Virginia was evacuated on Wednesday after an “unknown.

Alabama governor signs strictest U.S. abortion ban into law

(Reuters) – Alabama’s governor signed a bill on Wednesday to ban nearly all abortions in.

Instagram model looks to remove illegal butt injections, warns others against procedure: ‘Don’t do it!’

An author and Instagram model is warning her fans about the dangers of illegal butt.

Alabama boycott builds as states retaliate against abortion law

(Reuters) – A movement to boycott Alabama over its near-ban on abortion gained momentum Thursday.

New study suggests that certain diets lower risk of death from breast cancer

Low-fat, plant-based diets may reduce the risk for women of dying from breast cancer, a.