City Caught Trying To Grab Senior Citizen’s Brownstone | Kings County Politics

The city today abruptly reversed a decision to take a senior citizen’s brownstone house on.

Meet the gallant all-black American female battalion that served in Europe during World War II | Face2Face Africa

Facebook0 Twitter0 Mail Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson Face2Face Africa The first time American women fought in.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival: Armenian carpet-cutting ceremony

In Armenia, the completion of a carpet and cutting it from its loom is a.

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A 26-year-old Nigerian, credited for building the world’s first gaming robot, has just become the.

Eyewitness to the Desolation of ‘Black Wall Street’ | The New York Times

On Wednesday afternoon, I traveled to the charming but unassuming neighborhood of Juniper Hill in.

People Of Color Are Still Being Locked Out of the Democratic Process | Colorlines

A new report from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says that, 53 years after.

Afro-Ecuadorian women & girls are celebrated in this rare, touching photo series | Afropunk

Denisse Ariana Perez and her aunt, an Afro-Caribbean woman who is a professor in social.

Oldest Known Drawing by Human Hands Discovered in South African Cave | The New York Times

Nine red lines on a stone flake found in a South African cave may be.

Harlem’s mission to rename streets after black women before it’s too late | The Guardian

The building, built in 1901, housed many illustrious characters of the Harlem renaissance, the art.

Black Organization Seeks Clemency For Incarcerated Women & Families |

Boston, MA — According to a 2017 report, by the Prison Policy Initiative, there are.