Symposium | Elena Romero and Monica L. Miller “Pink in African American Music and Culture”

Elena Romero and Monica L. Miller presenting on “Pink in African American Music and Culture”.

Fox 2 9AM African American Music Appreciation Month


African American Catholic Spirit, Culture and Song | Rawn Harbor

In this keynote, Rawn Harbor explores the rich African American contribution to Catholic liturgical music.

Fusion of African-American Spirituals, Jazz, and Gospel

Savor a musical fusion of African-American spirituals, jazz, and gospel with bandleader Donte Ford, Lawrence.

African Americans PT 3


Taking the stage : African american music and stories that changed America

Usher. source

African-American Music Appreciation Month at ABIA

Every Friday during June, an African-American musician will perform live at the Ray Benson Asleep.

1930s African-American Civil Rights

Reel #: 9031 Reel #: 9031 TC In: 05502011 Very rare footage showing African-American Civil.

The Opening of the African American Museum | Black America Special

Black America’s special captures the details, ingenuity, and the history surrounding the Smithsonian’s National Museum.

Bijoux: African-American Music Month in Arkansas

Singer, songwriter Bijoux is a Little Rock native and a regular at South on Main..