Whisper by Laurie Cooper – October Gallery

Price: $55   NOW $35Whisperby Laurie CooperOpen EditionSize 34″ x 19″ Approx Laurie Cooper is artist.

Lines in the Sky by Sanaa – October Gallery

Price:  $475       NOW $195Lines in the Skyby SanaaOriginal Acrylic on CanvasSize 27″ x 39″ Approx The art.

Jazz in the Park  by Charles Bibbs – October Gallery

Price: $95Jazz in the Park by Charles BibbsOpen EditionHand Signed by the ArtistSize 11″ x 21.5″.

I Will Be… by Leila ullmann – October Gallery

Price:   $645       NOW $345I Will Be…by Leila UllmannOriginal Oil on Canvas Size 15″ x 17″ Approx.

NOAH Means – “A New Day” by Romare Bearden – October Gallery

Price:  $135     NOW $95NOAH Means – “A New Day” by Romare Bearden Open Edition Size  21″ x 34″ ApproxBorn.

Woman on Porch Swing Gigi Boldon – October Gallery

Price: $100    NOW $65Woman on Porch SwingGigi BoldonLimited Edition Signed and NumberedSerigraph Edition 999Size 15″.

Gossip in the Sanctuary by Varnette Honeywood – October Gallery

Price: $195      NOW $95Gossip in the Sanctuaryby Varnette HoneywoodSigned by the artistVintage Offset Mini.

Our Circles Two by Sanaa – October Gallery

Price: $49    NOW $29Our Circles Twoby SanaaOriginal Acrylic on CanvasSize 11″ x 14″ Approx The art can.

Five Deep by Willie Torbert – October Gallery

Price: $375   NOW  $295Five Deepby Willie TorbertGiclee Signed and NumberedEdition 275Size 24″ x 24″ Approx.

Full Set or Fill In by Annie Lee – October Gallery

Price: $75      NOW $45Full Set or Fill Inby Annie LeeOpen Edition PrintSize 21″.