Romare Bearden’s Art and Music

How did Romare Bearden incorporate jazz and other forms of music into his work? Listen.

Create a Collage: Romare Bearden

Middle school art lesson creating a collage sketch book cover inspired by the art of.

Romare Bearden’s Centennial Celebration

During 2011 and 2012, Romare Bearden was honored in his hometown of Charlotte during what.

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden source

Black Sureality – Art of Romare Bearden

Black Sureality – Art of Romare Bearden source

Romare Bearden

For my 8th grade students. source

Inside New York’s Art World: Romare Bearden, 1979

Full-length captioned video here: source

About Romare Bearden And His Art .m4v

Art lesson introduction about Romare Bearden, collage, and the influence of jazz music. source

Football Gameday Introduction

Colorado State football’s 2015 intro video, which is played before every home game at Sonny.

“HIS BIBBS AND HIS BIBLE” Pastor Danny Brown

Written about my Father In Law, Charles Ira Ebling Sr. January 27-2016 driving home from.