Beyoncé Tells Fans To ‘Bow Down’ For Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Beyoncé shared a powerful birthday message for Michelle Obama on Instagram, and we love it like xo. 

In honor of the former first lady’s 55th birthday on Thursday, the most Grammy-nominated woman in history posted a black-and-white image of Obama as a little girl, with “Bow down” emblazoned over it in block pink text.

Fans of Beyoncé will recognize the line from her self-titled multimedia fifth solo album, which featured the same block pink type over various images.

Many people on social media thought the post was for the announcement of a new album or song. While it doesn’t immediately appear to be such an announcement, representatives for Beyoncé did not immediately respond to a request for more information.

For the time being, it seems to just be a birthday post to the “Becoming” author. So in light of being asked to by Beyoncé, we’ll be bowing down until further notice.

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