Best Document Frames for Displaying Diplomas –

Hard work deserves to be rewarded, and the documents memorializing that reward deserve to be displayed. Don’t leave your diplomas, certificates, and awards lying around loose. Display and honor your proudest achievements and certifications by hanging them in a document frame. A document frame lends legitimacy to any office space, and is a necessity for those who need to exhibit licenses. Browse our selection of the best document frames below.

1. Arteza Document Frame

Arteza’s 8-pack of 8½-by-11-inch document frames are of solid wood with glass fronts. This set contains both mounting hooks and a kickstand easel so you can either hang your certificates on a wall or place them on a tabletop. The wood frames are a sleek matte black so as not to compete with the aesthetics of your document.

2. MCS Black Frame 6-Pack

Stock up on 6 classic black document frames with this set by MCS. These frames feature front-loading glass paired with an adaptive back for a document that can either hang on a wall or sit on a tabletop. The polished-edge glass frame has molded openings at the back so it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The frame includes a snap-in easel to stand your documents for display.

3. Golden State Art Frame

A perfect way for any licensed professional or academician to display their credentials, Golden State Art’s 11-by-14-inch frame is elegant and sturdy. The black wood frame molding is 1 inch wide to give your document some weight. The front is of tempered glass and the display incorporates a double mat in which to float the document. While this frame allows only wall-hanging, it can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

4. Lawrence Frames Gray Wood Frame

If black isn’t your thing, go with the gray wood certificate picture frame offered by Lawrence Frames. The heathery solid-wood frame molding is a half-inch wide and will complement almost any decor. This product is as easy to use as it is professional looking. The glass-fronted frame has both an easel and hooks so you can display your document on a flat surface or hang it on the wall vertically or horizontally.

5. Emfogo Certificate Frames

For another alternative to the usual black, try a wood frame with a carbonized black finish that gives it the look of walnut. This Emfogo 2-pack set of 8½-by-11-inch document frames has real glass fronts, and backboards with both an easel and sawtooth hangers so it can be displayed either horizontally or vertically. The simple, low-key design won’t compete with your accolades.

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