Best Craft Sticks for Art Projects –

Craft sticks, also called Popsicle sticks, are a DIY staple. Arguably one of the most versatile crafting materials around, you can use craft sticks to make birdhouses, model houses, model airplanes, puppets, bookmarks, picture frames, lampshades, planters, candleholders, gardening labels, and more. Cover them in glitter, paint, or varnish for a custom finish, or leave them untreated for a natural feel. Craft sticks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so whether you’re looking for basic crafting supplies or are in the market for more-serious model-making construction materials, there’s an option out there for you. Let us help you choose: browse our selection of the best options below. 


1. Pepperell Braiding Company Natural Wood Craft Sticks

Stock up on standard-sized sticks with this pack of 1,000. Perfect for crafters, teachers, model makers, and others, these craft sticks have rounded edges and are made of light-colored natural wood. With plenty of sticks to execute a myriad of projects, this product has you covered.

2. Eco Craft Stix Colored Wooden Craft Sticks

No need to paint these sticks: this rainbow-colored set of 500 comes pre-dyed. In vibrant shades ranging from red to violet, these wooden craft sticks add a pop of color to any project. Available in the standard size, the sticks are made of birchwood that stands sturdy but is easy to cut if needed. 

3. Multicraft Imports Krafty Kids Mini Craft Sticks

These wooden craft sticks come in a miniature kid-friendly size that’s perfect for class crafts. The light-colored wood takes well to paint, glue, and embellishments, and, being birch, is easily cut or broken for a customized size. With 150 units per pack, there are plenty of sticks to go around. 

4. Chenille Kraft Natural Wood Craft Sticks

Available in an oversized dimension, these sticks are both wider and longer than the other sticks on this list. Sized for making super-sturdy model houses or wide-handled puppets, these jumbo sticks are versatile and strong. With 500 sticks per box, you’re set to make a variety of crafts. 

5. 1Art Tools Building Sticks

These notched sticks are a model builder’s dream. Designed with a series slots on either side, these sticks fit together for a sturdy hold. With 250 sticks per pack, there’s plenty of material to make model airplanes, log cabins, birdhouses, bridges, towers, and sculptures. Light and durable, these sticks are perfect for beginning and professional model-building hobbyists alike.

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