Best Computer Key Brushes for Cleaning Devices –

How many times have you pressed down on the space bar and received no response from your computer? And then again, nothing. How about the “S” key? Or the hard return? It’s happened to the best of us and, might we add, always seems to occur when we are most in need of that one finishing sentence. Odds are, it’s because your keyboard is dirty, and some piece of fuzz or (perhaps more likely) a crumb from your morning avocado toast has lodged itself right beneath your key. The solution? A computer key brush. And, while you might scoff at the purchase now, you’ll instantly be addicted to the handheld cleaning device from the moment that you open the box.

Essential as these tools might be, they aren’t all created equal. Some are larger than others, some have mix-and-match heads, and they are all crafted from a wide array of materials. Ahead, find the best of the best and keep your keyboard as clean and efficient as the rest of your work space.

1. APBFH Keyboard Cleaning Brush Kit

In a set of seven, this brush kit will have you cleaning well beyond your computer keyboard. From kitchen appliances to the inner workings of your laptop or hard drive, this kit will do the trick for jobs large and small. The brushes are treated for anti-static use, ensuring that you can work on electronic devices without fear of shorting them out. What’s more, these bristles are strong enough to get into those tough-to-reach spaces but soft enough that they won’t destroy any delicate equipment.

2. Hagibis Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Ever want to actually sweep up the dust on your keyboard? Well, now you can. This 5.5-inch-tall mini broom is bright red and boasts a thick double layer of bristles that will tuck into all the necessary nooks and crannies. But that’s not all. Remove the bristle head, and inside is revealed a dual-head slot cleaner that can tackle the tighter in-between-keys areas. 

3. Kitchen + Home Compact Static Duster

This high-tech duster picks up debris like a magnet, with static technology that removes dust without potentially harmful poking and prodding. While it’s the least-invasive way to remove any unwanted dirt, be careful of what devices you use it on, because static charge is not ideal on the interior of many machines.

4. OXO Laptop Cleaner

This brush is more focused on keeping your laptop surface clean than it is between each key, but one might argue that both are equally important in your computer usage. The portable handheld device has a retractable brush on one end and a microfiber pad on the other, which will keep everything clear of specific messes, be it goo or dust. And, measuring at only three inches tall, it’s a grab-and-go that you can take from the home to the office and back, at your leisure.

5. OXO Electronic Cleaning Brush

This pen is double-ended, with a soft-bristled brush at one side and a slim silicone wiper at the other. The silicone tip is best used for peskier pieces of debris, while the brush is great for a soft sweep of larger surface areas. The bristles retract for ease of storage and prolonged protection and use, and the silicone can be covered to remain clean.

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