Best Canvas Zipper Bags for Keeping Supplies and Tools –

If you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of art supplies or tools you own, you might need a new system for organizing them. Small bags are a great way to store and protect your possessions, as they not only keep things in one place but are also easily portable. Bags made of canvas are a smart option, as they are lightweight and not overly precious. Create your own miniature tool kit with our picks, which all come in multiples to help you sort out any mess.

1. Tengyes Canvas Pouch

This set of pouches comes up on top for its design, high quality, and price. Each is made of canvas that is double stitched and finished with a durable brass zipper. The results are supple yet tough enough to hold sharp objects, and they resist damage even if they get tossed around frequently. You get five in different colors to organize your possessions by type, and each is finished with a fabric loop and carabiner clip, so you can either hang it up or securely attach it to your person or backpack.

2. Augbunny Multi-Purpose Pouch

These quality, minimal zipper bags are easy to personalize. Made of a high-quality and natural cotton, they are soft, lightweight, and finished with a short loop for hanging. The fabric is unembellished and takes many mediums well: You can paint it with fabric markers, acrylic paint, or dye or even stamp it with an iron-on transfer. Because the bags don’t have bulky seams, you’re essentially working with a mini canvas.

3. Gejoy Cotton Canvas Pouches

This product is an economical pick that’s perfect for parties or other group occasions. You get one dozen beige canvas bags that are each finished with colorful zippers in six colors. The fabric is smooth and can easily be personalized with pins, markers, paints, patches, and more. While these pouches are a little flimsy, they are made of good-quality cotton, with hidden seams and properly finished edges. All in all, they are excellent bags for party favors or DIY decorating sessions.

4. Klein Tools Zipper Bag

Slightly heavier than Tengyes’ pouches, these bags from the professional hand tool manufacturer are designed to withstand knocks. The fabric is thick and substantial, so pointy objects like screwdrivers and nails won’t poke through it, and each bag features an industrial-grade, reliable YKK zipper. While they are intended for tool storage, you could really use them to hold just about anything, especially objects you want to protect from damage. These are pricey bags, but they are built to last years. Note that each bag is embellished with a large logo, which some people find unappealing. 

5. Our Daily Life Utility Bag

If you need to store an abundance of items, or tools that are longer than a foot, we recommend these canvas zipper bags. They represent the largest of our picks, measuring 13.7 x 8.5 inches. Each is rugged, water-resistant, and made of a single piece of canvas, so you don’t have to worry about torn seams. Notable finishing touches include a zipper that runs smoothly and a window for you to slide in a label to describe the contents of each pouch.

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