Best Bakeable Clay for Crafting at Home –

You don’t have to be a wheel-throwing ceramist to work with clay. If you’re interested in trying your hand at sculpting or are looking for a fun crafting material, pick up a pack of bakeable clay. Available in a variety of colors, bakeable clay is easy to work with and simple to fire: simply place your work on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Bake your piece according to each set of clay’s directions and voilà! You’ll have a solid sculpture you can hold in your hands. Browse our selection of the best bakeable clay below.

1. Polyform Polymer Clay

Polyform’s polymer clay is the original oven-bake clay. Available in a 1.75 pound pack, this white Sculpey clay is super soft and pliable and won’t dry out even when exposed to air for extended periods of time. Ideal for making everything from jewelry to crockery, this polymer clay is as versatile as it is high quality. Once the clay has baked and cooled, this sturdy material can withstand being drilled, sanded, carved, and painted. 

2. Sculpey Classic Collection

Sculpey’s multicolor pack includes ten 2-ounce bars of brightly colored polymer clay in a range of hues. This clay bakes to a matte finish. Flexible and easy to mold, it works and feels like ceramic clay but won’t dry out when left exposed to air.

3. CiaraQ Polymer Clay Kit

CiaraQ’s polymer clay kit includes an enormous spectrum of colors. You get 50 bright 1-ounce clay blocks, along with five wooden sculpting tools, a project booklet, and a storage box. Ideal for the classroom, this nontoxic, eco-friendly clay is fit for hours of play. 

4. TEMONING Polymer Clay

Temoning’s polymer clay is another full-fledged starter kit. This set includes 50 blocks of multicolor clay (20 grams each), step-by-step photo instructions, and a host of sculpting tools and jewelry-making materials. Eco-friendly, nontoxic, and fragrance free, this clay is safe and easy to work with.

5. Staedtler Polymer Clay

Staedtler’s polymer clay comes in an array of bright colors, individually sold in 57-gram blocks, so you can create your own polymer clay set. This clay is ultra-pliable and break-resistant after baking. Appropriate for kids and adults alike, this quality clay is fun to use and easy to bake.

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