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Duck boat accident kills 17 in Missouri: A look back at past deadly duck tour incidents

Seventeen people — including children — are dead after a tourist duck boat capsized in.

‘Absolute chaos’: BoJo is third minister to resign as foreign secretary within 24 hours

Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary in protest at Theresa May’s post-Brexit trade deal..

IDF soldiers trolling Palestinian news reporter’s live broadcast

Courtesy: PBSNews IDF troll and disrupt Palestinian reporter’s live broadcast in West bank. RT.

Juice Rap News: Israel vs. Palestine (ft. Kerry, Bibi & Norman Finkelstein)

For more Juice News visit thejuicemedia channel: Decades of failed peace talks have led.

‘Truly fake news’: White House slams MSM for distorting facts & using unrelated photos

The White House has chastised the media for distorting the facts to discredit the administration’s.

Juice Rap News: The New World Order

For more Juice News visit thejuicemedia channel: & The New World Order: They.

Celebrities Wing It In Hilarious Audition For ‘Batgirl’ On ‘Conan’

A reported “Batgirl” movie in the works brought out some of Hollywood’s finest to audition.

Chance the Rapper Bought News Site Chicagoist To Run Racists ‘Out Of Business’

Chance the Rapper announced in a new song that he purchased the Chicago-based publication Chicagoist..

Stephen King Zings Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin With George Orwell Quote

Horror writer Stephen King took inspiration from the work of late author George Orwell for his.

Colbert Nabs The First Interview With Trump’s Russian Translator

Some members of Congress have suggested that President Donald Trump’s translator, the one he used during.