God is a woman, and she certainly has a fondness for anime. 

Ariana Grande revealed a brand-new, massive tattoo dedicated to the character Chihiro, from the anime film “Spirited Away.”

She debuted the new ink on Instagram Tuesday and explained a little bit about Chihiro’s back story. 

“Chihiro’s growth into a capable individual is a core factor to the movement of Spirited Away’s plot. During her adventure in the Spirit World, she matures from an easily-scared girl with a child-like personality to match her age to a hard-working, responsible and brave young girl who has learned to put her fears aside for those she cares for,” she wrote.  

Grande revealed a close-up of her tattoo on her Instagram story. 

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Grande revealed a close-up of her tattoo on her Instagram story. 

She added, “To protect her friends and rescue her parents from a spell that has turned them into livestock, Chihiro sheds her former personality and adapts to her environment to become a courageous, quick-witted and reliable girl.” 

Grande and her fiancé, “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson, share a fondness for tattoos.

The “SNL” star recently revealed that he got his first tattoo at the age of 17 and it was inspired by Grande’s ex-boyfriend, rapper Big Sean. Davidson told Variety he got the words “Swerve Life” inked after simply liking the way that Big Sean said “Swerve” in his song, “Mercy.” 

Of course, he also has tattoos dedicated to Grande. He has a bunny mask tattoo behind his ear that’s similar to the mask the singer wore for her “Dangerous Woman” album cover, as well as her initials on his thumb.

The two have matching cloud tattoos and ink that says “H2GKMO,” a reference to Grande’s favorite saying: “Honest 2 God Know Me Out.” 

Maybe they’ll ink their future wedding bands next. 


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