A story to tell after 30 years of wrongful imprisonment

Imagine spending 30 years of your life in prison for a capital crime you did not commit, knowing the people who put you behind bars could care less about your innocence. Well, Anthony Ray Hinton did just that, and he has a story to tell.

On Thursday, Hinton, now 63 years old, told his story at the CAC Theatre, filling almost every seat available.

In 1985, Hinton was just 29 and lived with his mother in Alabama while working at a local supermarket. His life seemed calm and normal, until two Alabama state policemen showed up at his mother’s house with a warrant for his arrest. Hinton was charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder and was held in jail until his trial.

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By Austin Farber, The Sunflower
Featured Image, Anthony Ray Hinton is escorted by Jefferson County Sheriffs Deputies doing his double murder trial in 1986 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Ed Bruchac/The Birmingham News) 
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