A Rare Interview with Jamaican Artist Gilbert Nicely , Part 2

This video is an excerpt of a rare interview conducted by Nana Kimati Dinizulu on Gilbert Nicely, one of Jamaica’s most esteemed artist. Filmed on location at Gilbert Nicely’s workshop in Saint Mary, Jamaica, West Indies, December 2009.
Gilbert Nicely is a Jamaican self taught sculptor who lived and works in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies. The rich vegetation of that parish is the perfect harvesting ground for his creations. This chair was carved from the root of a cedar tree which was uprooted by hurricane Ivan in 2004. Gilbert Nicely has come to be regarded by many as one of Jamaica’s leading wood sculptors of hand carved furniture and functional art. As an intuitive artist, he started out in the 1970s as a cabinetmaker.
The following are some of the awards that he has won. Third prize in 1972 for the Jamaica Festival Competition held under the auspices of the Governor General. Bronze Medal in the Jamaica Festival Fine Art Competition 1976,1986,1987, 1988.  Gold Medal and Merit, Ocho Rios Branch Library Exhibition in 1977.  Bronze Musgrave Medal, Institute of Jamaica in 1977.  The work of Gilbert Nicely has been in public and private collections and has been displayed in exhibitions and fine homes worldwide.
Some of Gilbert Nicelys work will be featured in the upcoming exhibit;
Paper Trail….A Forensic Examination of the Trans Atlantic Slave trade.
An extraordinary one of a kind exhibition of documents, artifacts, and artwork related to the centuries long African Holocaust of Enslavement. Paper Trail tells the story of the institution of slavery from an investigative perspective. Artifacts and primary source documents serve as the evidence to an act that can only be described as the most extremely gross violation of human rights. Curated by Nana Kimati Dinizulu
For more information on this exhibit visit http://papertrailexhibit.com


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